Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Football Playoff Hope Championship Drive (written 1/18/2011)

Perfect pass, undefendable
One knee equals two feet
Old foe thought unvanquishable
Clock ticking, victory awaits
Age-old goal, once thought unattainable
Our effort indefatigable
Lies not far, within reach perhaps
Give us the chance, the opportunity
That is all we will ever ask
Brash and Bold we mirror our leader
Our faith is with him and with our talent.
Curses end
A new era beginning
May this year be better than 40
J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!!!
Green and White, our founder is gone but is smiling down upon us
Giving us Hope once again renewed

Tornado Poem (written 9/17/2010)

Raging river full of flood
Follow the mushroom's shadow
The crickets sound the way.
A dragon turns; The rain begins to fall
Your dog looks toward the sky
The cow sings Moo, It's not black and white but blue
The fog rolls into the plains.
Water against rocks like the steady resolve of a nation
The rain falls pitter patter on leaves
The seasons change, the old oak groans
But no one is there to hear
The frogs hop skelter for shelter
The water seeks its level
Pine trees bristle
The cobwebs glisten
The birds dry off their wings.
Head for cover before the wind recovers
and a gale starts heading this way
The ground shudders
The squirrels scatter
Bugs hurry here and there
When the lightning flashes
And the thunder comes like an echo
One would dread the end.
Then the drops start to lessen
and among the treetops
The light beckons
Order is hereby restored

New Year's poem (written 11/6/2010, Riverdale)

At Times Square many gather
The ball is dropped with glee
They huddle & bundle, many are so drunk they
     In Cali the Palms sway in the breeze

The Fall (written 11/6/2010 in RIverdale, Bronx, NYC)

The blue turns to gray
The green turns to brown
The red, yellow, and orange seem to shout
Look at me Look at me Look at me!
And then they are gone
We won't see them for nearly a year.
We change our clocks; We gather to give Thanks
The whiteness signals the end and yet
We hope for a new beginning.
We know it will come, but at that moment
it is hard to believe.
The chirps have gone south; The nuts have been buried,
The bears all hibernate in caves
The nights are longer The days get shorter
Our exhaled breath seems to reach towards the Moon
The Evergreens that remain get cut down
instead of admired;
The celebrations are underway
As the numbers climb higher
It is time for a new calender
We are all one year closer to the End

Summer/Winter (written 8/20/2010) inspired at the walkway by the water at Carl Shurz Park NYC

A long walk under the summer sun,
we intuitively seek the shade.
The river flows, a cool wind blows,
It is more than we ever knew we wanted.
The evening comes ever earlier- soon the
leaves will line the streets.
Is snowfall all that far away?
Another thought to another summer gone
But tomorrow will still be hot.

Super Short Poem

Heron fles
A frog leaps
The fields of rice are green

Of Wind and Space (written 8/20/2010)

The moon, the night, the stars shine bright
The distance holds their secrets
The breeze blows over the plains with ease
The horse and dog reply
It is the wolf that goes solemn into winter
The butterfly stops, starts, and flutters with ease
Consider its lack of weight: She must make
friends with the wind and not work against it